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Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is an essential aspect of any space, be it a residential or commercial area. It is the art of designing a functional and pleasing interior space while taking into account the client’s needs, preferences, and budget.

Chitron Interior takes interior services to another level with its experience with a modern approach. our team of professional architects, interior designers, and engineers has ten years of experience in providing interior architecture services in Bangladesh.

Their interior architecture services include support for :

  • Support for Preparing Program requirement
  • Detail Survey of the Space
  • Layout Design
  • Detail Designs & Drawings with Specifications
  • Designs for Ceiling, Floor Finish, Partition walls, Door, Counters, Tables, Work-Stations, etc.
  • Interior Landscape layout
  • Selection of Artwork and Other Props.
  • Signage other Graphics along with top supervision

The first step in interior architecture is to understand the clients’ requirements, including their preferences, budget, and space. The Chitron Interior team assists clients in preparing program requirements by identifying their needs and preferences for the interior space.

After program requirements have been established, a detailed survey of the space is conducted to determine the layout design. The team considers factors such as lighting, ventilation, and the arrangement of furniture to ensure maximum functionality and comfort.

Once the layout design is finalized, the team creates detailed designs and drawings with specifications for ceiling, floor finish, partition walls, doors, counters, tables, workstations, and other interior elements. This process ensures that the design meets the client’s preferences while adhering to their budget and timelines.

 So Chitron Interior’s interior architecture services aim to provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior space that meets the client’s needs and preferences. Their team of experienced professionals uses a modern approach to create unique and innovative designs while ensuring that they adhere to the client’s budget and timelines.

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