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While we have a first glance to the entrance of the house the safety grill and the main door as made in correspondence to one another keeping the same pattern for both. The pattern is a circular one which gives a clean look to the entrance of the bungalow. The foyer area of the house has a wall where a designer ledge is created in metal for placing a god idol in the entrance and natural stones are cladded on the wall which make the space look a unique one. Further the living as well as the dining and the kitchen areas are connected to one another where the colour palate is chosen to be calm in whites and greys that gives a magnificent look. The wall behind the couches had two huge windows and so the area was designed minimally with copper finish borders and a beautiful painting was chosen by our team for this area which served as the centre of attraction of the space. The colours that the painting had were calm and dignified and thus it blended well with the overall theme of the space. 

PROJECT : Residence Interior
SIZE : 1800sqf
STATUS : Approved 3D Design
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